Implementation of restructuring measures

Companies find themselves in financial distress for different reasons. Sometimes financial distress is a result of abrupt changes in business environment, but quite often companies struggle as a result of subsequent deterioration of terms of doing business. In order to remain competitive, companies have to build their business strategy, frequently revise it and immediately implement appropriate adjustment measures.

Company A.L.P.H.A. FINANCE offers complete support in the field of designing sustainable business strategy, and what is of even higher importance – its implementation of all areas (being internal to our client, as well as in relation to various stakeholders – non-financial creditors, the state, European Commission in case of assessing the alignment of the state support with guidelines of the EU regarding the state aid). We help our clients with implementing the measures of business restructuring (function of the CRO – chief restructuring officer), whereby we can take over all managerial functions or just a part of them, according to the particular needs of each client. An important success factor in the business restructuring are efficient decision-support modules/mechanisms, which we help build, and of course immediate reaction to the the unwanted developments (drivers, responsibilities, deadlines).

Implementation of business restructuring measures significantly improves chances of sustainable deleveraging of an ailing company. In this rather lengthy process, transparent communication with creditors is a key to keep mutual trust at the required level.