We conduct Independent Business Reviews (IBRs), define business and financial strategies of companies in financial distress.


We design and implement Master Debt Restructuring Agreements (MRAs).
We actively implement business restructuring measures.
We facilitate strategic alliances (M&A deals) and help acquire R&D support funds.
We are boutique, highly professional and flexible business consultancy. Our operations are project driven. After receiving a business enquiry, we form highly motivated and target oriented team with proven references.

The founders of the company are dr. Aleš Berk Skok, FRM, CAIA and Sergej Murgelj, MSc.

By connecting theory and practical experience, our mission is creation, distribution and implementation of high value added financial services for SMEs, corporations and financial institutions.

Our main values are: professionalism and business excellency, high ethical attitude, high flexibility to the needs of the client, multidisciplinary problem solving, focus on efficiency and creation of high value added, and focus towards performance-based remuneration. Our basic goal is highly satisfied client.